Whether it is a teenager’s bedroom, a confessional booth, a hospital room, or an e-mail inbox, these boxes provide a space for that distinguishes itself from the outside world. Interior spaces are often boxes for escape. On the other hand, they are often used to place things that are undesirable and dangerous.


Escape Plan, video installation, 4'x4'x7', 2008 "Escape Plan” is an immersive video installation. It is a sound-proof enclosed structure similar in size to a photo booth. The exterior is a simple wooden box. The interior is dark with black walls with a seat facing an installed flat screen monitor with a looped video.

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This installation accentuates this seeming contradiction, and presents the possibility that these two intentions can be one in the same. The intention is to examine a culture that is a multi-layered complex of frames, boxes and screens by creating an environment that allows for an experience of immersion. The occupant is presented with a space to contemplate why there are so many boxes and what they mean.



Escape Plan
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